Joe has been a student of dance since a very young age.  She’s had training in classical ballet, jazz, flamenco and hip-hop. She has also been studying American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion style bellydance since 2006, and began her journey as a tribal fusion dancer in the fusion troupes, Raqs Chandra and Harissa. Today, Joe enjoys performing regularly both as a soloist and as a group member of  Deseos Dance Crew (DDC),  which she formed and has been directing since 2013.  She is also a full  time instructor, teaching in various studios in and out of the Tokyo area.

Since music and emotions play a big role in Joe’s dancing, her dance styles and choreography will often vary from performance to performance, depending on her choice of music and how that music will move her.  Joe believes that “dance” is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. And that the fusion of these dances are a reflection of the fusion of various cultures, beliefs and ideas in the world today.  Her passion for diverse music, different dance styles, mixed with her rich cultural background, makes for no boundaries, fusion dance.

In 2009, Joe has taken her love for dance to a new level by creating Deseos, a dance production company aiming to spotlight the growing dance scene in Tokyo, and bringing all kinds of dancers together through education and performance. She is also the proud founder of Tokyo International Bellydance Competition, which is held yearly in Tokyo, and has hosted guest star judges such as Bozenka, Mira Betz, Tamalyn Dallal, Leila of Cairo, Elizabeth Strong, Karim Nagi, Lulu Sabongi, Asharah, Ranya Renee, Anasma, Jill Parker, Suraiya of Poland, Steven Eggers, Ruby Beh, Joana Saahirah Of Cairo, Lamia Barbara…. and many more!



Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 1.27.29 PMDDC – Deseos Dance Crew was established in 2013 by Joe and a group of very passionate, fierce and dedicated fusion dancers. (Apsara, Asuna, Joe, Lyon, Michelle, Sara Sawati, Sem and Switch) This crew, under the direction of Joe, founder of Deseos inc., has since quickly gained popularity due to their high energy, expressive, and very unique dance performances. DDC is always pushing the limits and boundaries, fusing ideas and dance styles, making sure the audience is taken on a journey through their performance. Deseos Dance Crew has been associated with major dance events as well as independent small shows. You can find DDC members performing together as well as individually throughout Japan.








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