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January 20, 21, 27, 28, 2018


A 16-hour total, dance choreography workshop series, where students will learn a choreography to be performed in a group, with Giulio Dilemmi, during the SYNTHESIS Dance Show, scheduled on the weekend of Dec 14, 15, or 16, 2018. This 6-minute dynamic dance medley will consist of various hot and trendy dance styles and essential techniques, meticulously broken down by Giulio, for straightforward and fun learning.

(E)MOTION – Diagonals, Group Position Changes, Floorwork
This topic centres on position changes, some techniques on the diagonals and some jazz floorwork, danced to a breathtaking epic soundtrack!

This topic will focus on robotic movements, lines, waving and group effect on dubstep music. Important and useful in-depth study of robotic/belly dance fusion techniqu

*  TRIBAL FUSION BELLYVIDEODANCE – Street Jazz/Video Dance, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Elements
Street jazz/video dance, feminine and twerk movements. mixed with tribal fusion technique! An explosive mix that will enrich the choreography, and will give some new inspiration to other dance styles students, to see the fusion world as an enrichment for their own dance!

LIGHTNESS POWER – The Power Of Delicacy
Emphasizing on energy regulation: Trying to optimize the energy and noticing the differentiations between wasting energy movements and light but powerful movements. This concept will be very useful when dancers have to perform very long pieces onstage and have to manage their energy in the best way!

FORMATIONS – A Choreography Within A Choreography
Formations is what makes a group performance really pop! This last topic will focus on taking the dance piece to a whole new level by adding smart, intricate, and exciting formations.

 * This workshop series is OPEN to dancers of ALL levels and styles.


* 1. 20. 2018 (Sat) @ Geinokadensha Studio Studio A1
Open/11:00  Start/11:20  End/15:40  Close/16:00
(4 hours with 20 min break)

* 1. 21. 2018 (Sun) @ Shinjukumura Studio West 306
Open/11:00  Start/11:20  End/15:40  Close/16:00
(4 hours with 20 min break)

* 1. 27. 2018 (Sat) @ Shinjukumura Studio Central B 103
Open/11:00  Start/11:20  End/15:40  Close/16:00
(4 hours with 20 min break)

* 1. 28. 2018 (Sun) @ Studio aRt/Pit
Open/11:00  Start/11:20  End/15:40  Close/16:00
(4 hours with 20 min break)

PRICING (16 Hours Of Workshops) –  Select from the two payment options

  1. One time payment for the full amount:  45.000 yen (2.813 yen an hour, for 16 hours)
  2. 2 installment payments for the amount: 25,000 yen / First installment upon registration. This will secure your spot in the workshop, and the second installment (25,000 yen) to be paid in cash on the first day of workshops. Total 50,000 yen (3,125 yen an hour, for 16 hours)


** IMPORTANT! Read Before Making Registration!

  1. This workshop series was created specifically for participants who are interested and available to perform at the Synthesis Dance Show, to be held on either Dec 14, 15, or 16, 2018. Venue and exact date of show information will follow soon. So, please check your availability on those 3 particular days.
  2. Please take note that this is a 4-time, 2-weekend, 16-hour total workshop package. Participants should be present in all 4 workshops. Again, please check your availability on those particular days.
  3. Only a maximum amount of 16 people can participate in the show’s performance. We will accept registrations on a first come first serve basis. Register soon to secure your spot.
  4. The workshops are also open to those who do not wish to perform in the show, but would still like to learn the choreography. However, please take note that due to the limited studio space (25 people max), we have to prioritize those who will be performing first. Please do send us an email anyway, and we will inform you of the spot availability.
  5. Once you have registered and made the payment, please understand that we can no longer give you a refund, should you decide to cancel. Transferring your registration to another person is however possible, before the 1st workshop day has started.


* Email @
* In the “Subject” write: Giulio Dilemmi WS
* Provide the following list of information:

    • Name
    • Email address
    • Contact number
    • Specify if you would like to take the workshop and perform in the show, or if you wish to take the workshops only.
    • Specify if you would like to pay the full amount once, or pay in 2 installments.

* Repeat the list of information if you are registering for another person as well.
* You will receive a reply within 48 hours on how to make the payment for the registration.

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Giulio Dilemmi started his dance path learning some styles of Street Dance. Later, he decided to integrate his skills with many other styles of dance and martial arts. During his studies, he discovered Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and immediately fell in love with it. Giulio blends tribal fusion with various other styles of dance as well as acrobatic moves, giving rise to a very spectacular and unique style.
Giulio is the first male Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Teacher in Italy and one of the very few men who dance Tribal Fusion Belly Dance in the country.







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